DDALW - "Darkest Dreams a Lighted Way" Exhibition:
  Fort Gondo Compound for the Arts | 3151 Cherokee Street
  St. Louis, MO 63118 | ddalw.com

Michael Bell in DDALW, July 11, 2008
Michael Bell in DDALW, July 11, 2008

Celebrity Artist Michael Bell

ON DDALW -- Darkest Dreams a Lighted Way Art Show Fights Against Abuse at St. Louis Venue.

Saint Louis, MO: July 11, 2008 -- Darkest Dreams a Lighted Way Art Show showcasing local and national artists, including Celebrity Artist Michael Bell have found a home for their first annual art show at Fort Condo – Compound for the Arts in St. Louis.

The all media art show features works by 18 artists from Missouri, Illinois, California, North Carolina, Texas, Massachusetts, Wisconsin, Florida, Michigan, and Washington DC. Each artist uses their particular medium to portray abuse in any form, from the physical, emotional, mental, and sexual, to include topics of neglect and mental anguish. Participating in the event is Celebrity Artist Michael Bell whose works are featured and collected by some of the most recognizable Hollywood stars including those from HBO’s The Soprano’s.

Artist and Metro East resident Aunia Kahn, creator and curator of the show, describes the intense need for awareness of the difficult subject matter as an insight into the atypical release artists face as they express some of their deepest motivations, feelings and their own personal contact with the subject matter portrayed through their work.

Fort Gondo – Compound for the Arts located at 3151 Cherokee Street will host the show starting July 11th, 2008 with a free opening reception with artists and open to the public will take place 6PM-9PM on July 11th, 2008 and will run the entire month.

For further information, contact Aunia Kahn at 618-334-4331 or visit The Darkest Dreams a Lighted Way website at www.ddalw.com.


VIDEO clip of Michael Bell with his "Red Box":
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